Emma Wilson

Dominic Scott

Alumni of the Cape Town Hotel School with a Diploma in Food Beverage Management and later a Degree in Consumer Science: Food & Nutrition.

Although working in a creative space as a Food Stylist for close to 14 years, entrepreneurship comes naturally for Emma. She has started businesses from early on in her hospitality career; training schools for waiters and bar staff to school lunchbox systems, bar snack items and in 2013 culminated in her first Cafe aptly called Eat with Emma.

Food styling has allowed many insights into different worlds of food and drink, allowing her to keep her ear to the ground in terms of new developments and this is where she shines best.

Emma will be in charge of Sales and Marketing for Gertie’s Premium Rum and will be the spokesperson for the brand.

Brendan Rice

Dominic Scott

Graduating from Rhodes University with an Arts Degree, Brendan travelled and lived abroad for a number of years before returning to South Africa to continue working in film production.

With over 20 years experience, Brendan owns a boutique production company that offers be-spoke production over Africa and abroad.

Film Production is a multifaceted job that has many elements all requiring to work together to obtain one main goal. All under budget too!

Therefore Brendan will be charge of Suppliers, Logistics and Finances for Gerties Premium Rum