Gertie’s has two rum categories; White wash and Premium gold.

What is unique about these two rums is that both are made in exactly the same way, but it’s the end processes that make them unique. Using a unique wine yeast, the rum is triple distilled using a still and then placed in ex-Bourbon American Oak barrels to mature and extract colour, for a minimum of six months.

When ready for bottling, the gold rum is bottled and stored whereas the white rum is “washed” and then bottled. There is a slight gold tint to the white rum which is left from the barrel but this is the uniqueness that we want as to be different in the market place but also to still retain some of the lovely woodiness from the barrel.

Our packaging uses a REUSABLE BOTTLE as it is bought with a crown cap and a resealable clasp closure (Grolsch top). We are encouraging users of Gertie’s, to reduce, reuse and recycle their bottles. After you are finished with the bottle, use it as a water bottle, or for salad dressings, cordials or even for flavouring your olive oil! Everything on the packaging, the box included is recyclable.

White Wash

Dominic Scott

Premium Gold

Dominic Scott